The Scared Masculine

I realize that this may be hard for you to see in this picture but down at the right hand corner is a snake, and up on the ladder is a bird. Now, you might ask, what am I supposed to be seeing with this picture? Well, it’s a story really, a story that actually started two weeks ago for me, in one of the not so subtle ways God is trying to tell me something and you know, I have to be told several times to get it, cause I am always in such a hurry.

First example, I was out mowing, on a rider, and I was out front and before I knew it, it was too late, the snake died a horrible death. I stopped the mower, looked on the ground and not too much was left of the guy.

Second example, the next week, out on a mower again, and again a snake comes out of nowhere and decides to give his life again, a horrible death. Same kind of snake.

Third example, night before last I am dreaming of snakes, cannot remember anymore of it but know it had snakes in it, with one of my friends.

Fourth example, yesterday I am on the phone with the friend in the dream and looking out my kitchen window and lo and behold, Snake #3  shown in the picture above. Luckly he did not have a death wish because I am kinda scary stuff on that mower!

Anyway, you are asking again, what does this have to do with me?

I have learned that when there is something you need to be seeing in your life, things come in repeats. They can be good or bad things. Almost like deja vu or the movie “Groundhog Day”. In my case my higher self was trying to get my attention about a behavior pattern that I needed to look at.

I observed the snake from the window and watched all the animals while the snake was around and a realization hit me. None of the animals were landing on the ground. The squirrels were up on the lawn furniture and the birds were nowhere to be seen, except this one bird that is on the ladder. This bird was quite the fella. It was it’s personal duty to warn all of the other birds that the snake was there. When ever the snake moved around, this bird would start flying and fly right above the snake, chirp and flutter, so the birds coming would see the snake and detour from a not so pleasant death.

This was a sight to see. This bird continued to flutter until the snake left and it followed the snake probably a good 15 feet until it was out of sight. So finally after seeing snakes 4 times, oh and I forgot to mention that I had been getting that I needed to read Samson & Delilah.

So I sat down and read the story in the Bible. Which by the way I have too many bibles for one person to need(I have 10)which is way to many. I knew the story of Samson from when I was little but I re read it again to see what the lesson was for me. To make a long story short, an angel came to Samson’s mother when he was born and told her he was going to be a man of great power. The story really only portrays him as an adult not as a child but to me when I read the story, one thing really struck me. That Samson was such a dumb a** when it came to Delilah. I just could not belive that he fell for her story, not once, but three times! I sat there wondering, what makes a person see something that is really not real but looks real to them. Then it dawned on me, the eyes of the ego only see what they want to see and Samson wanted to believe that Delilah loved him. The story does not say whether Delilah was motivated by fear for her life to do what she did or if she was just greedy. We will never know. I wanted to know. But then I always want to know.

Why would someone betray you, pretend to love you when really they are plotting to have someone come and kill you. The answer I came up with might surprise you. We have all sold our self at some point because of fear. In Delilahs case it was because five heads of the Philistine nations came to her personally and demanded that she betray Samson. For money.

Samson on the other hand was just as bad. He let her do that to him. She was showing her true colors all along and he wanted so bad to believe in her, he allowed himself to be deceived. I really felt bad for him and then it hit me. I had many times been both in this story. The dumb a** who believes that everyone loves me and no one will hurt me for their own personal gain and Delilah, how many times had I not stood up for the truth because I was afraid of what I would lose.

I am taking a flower essence called “The Sacred Masculine”. When I would write it down on something I kept on switching the second and third letters, didn’t even realize I was doing it until the fourth or fifth time I wrote it. When you switch those letters it becomes “Scared”. To be honest, I was scared. I have made some really poor decisions in my past with relationships and friends but to be honest, really honest, if I would have been in line with my higher self, I know I  got some warnings and if I would have listened I would have not gotten hurt but I did not want to and wanted to do what I wanted to do and I have been hurt more than enough times to make me really wary of moving forward for fear of getting hurt AGAIN. So my higher self was saying to me with the snake, pay attention to the warnings, there will always be a warning BEFORE the strike. This is why rattlesnakes have a rattle on their tail. To warn people that they are there. A snake is a snake. There are always going to be snakelike people in your life, they may not always be snakes but they might have snakelike behavior/traits.

If you do not heed the warnings you will get bit and when you get bit, it hurts. Hence all the snakes I have been seeing.

If you trust someone and they have proven in the past not to be trustworthy, be careful, if they have not changed, you will get bit. It is your job to see where you are wounded and what you did to cause your OWN wounding. So the next time you get hurt, look to see where the bird was fluttering to warn you before you get bit by the snake. God is always trying to keep you safe but you need to see where you are walking into the line of the rattlesnake. Sometimes this is the only way we learn. The hard way. I, myself, am going to look at all the areas where I might be getting betrayed or deceived. As long as I have God on my side, I will always see with spirit eyes and not be betrayed by wolves in sheep’s clothing because my human eyes are blind and jaded.

 Pay attention to the patterns that you are seeing in your world. Seeing things repeatedly might be worth a second look in your mind. Spirit is always trying to help you, with animals, nature and people. The key is to slow down and be still and listen, then the wisdom will come for the answers you seek.


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