Unexplainable Madness/Carolyn Myss

Below is an article from Carolyn Myss:https://www.facebook.com/notes/caroline-myss/unexplainable-madness/10150268092494860

“HI Everyone,


Yesterday I received an email from a dear friend named Nina who also happens to be a Norwegian. She asked me to write a FB piece on the tragedy that just occurred in her country, the madness of a shooter slaughtering approximately 79 people. Motivated by fear, racism, and hatred, his method of alerting people to the danger of Islamic infiltration into dominantly Christian Norway/Europe was to murder as many of his own countrymen, women, and children as he could. He has been evaluated by a psychiatrist as insane. Is he really “insane”? By what definition do we decide “insanity” in these days of psychiatric jargon? Standing back and observing cycles and patterns of social history, one pattern stands out to me – as the Western Christian society tossed out the language of evil, and thus one’s ability to discern the presence of evil within the psyche of an individual, psychiatric terminology took its place.  People were not longer driven by inner darkness. They were “psychotic” or “schizophrenic”. They required drugs to repress them, tranquilize them, put their brains into low functioning states while the doctors excavated abusive childhoods. I’m not discounting the role of abuse by any means. In fact, abuse and the absence of love needs to be put directly under the spot light of analysis. But these are not the only ingredients that lead to the psychic mutation of a human being, not if you were to truly take a “holistic” approach to raising a child.  The tendency in our psycho-spiritual society, of course, is to introduce holism when a person is well into adulthood and even then in small and very selected arenas: health and nature are the preferred areas.  Business, rarely. Science on occasion. Child rearing, not so much.  You see something a bit imbalanced with that picture? Just a bit, maybe? Hum…..

One cannot cherry pick a paradigm of reality. You cannot decide that the holistic model, which is to say, an integrated approach to health is just dandy, meaning you find it appealing to merge a bit of body information with mind and emotional data, adding a couple of pages of spiritual practice, and then drop it when it comes to other areas of your life because you “don’t want to go there.”  The other day, for instance, I was talking with a woman who has three darling little boys. She wanted to speak with me about gardening. One thing led to another and believe it or not, we started talking about hedge funds and trading (suprised you, right?).  The book, Black Swan, came up, which discusses an interesting theory about how the leading forces that influence society are the ones that no amount of calculations or equations can anticipate, like Hurricane Katrina or 911.  The author calls these events Black Swans. I told her that I found the book fascinating because the author’s explanation of Black Swans was just one step below the consciousness of how I would explain the functioning principles of mystical laws. That statement, of course, led into a discussion of religion and bla bla….and here’s the point I want to make.  Here’s a woman committed to organic gardening, “consciously” taking care of her children, “consciously” making sure that they aren’t exposed to toxic food and this and that because that’s what “conscious” parents do these days. But then she says, “Oh I would never take them to church. I don’t believe in that.” (I didn’t bring up church, by the way”.

Okay, let’s look at that within the holistic model. She’s covering the body and the mind and the emotions of her kids with great care, but not the spiritual component. In fact, she is working to avoid that. Under spiritual comes: moral and ethical reasoning, gut instinct, intuitive awareness, the nature of grace, inner guidance, prayer, sacred rituals of passage – and none of these is religious.  Rather, these are organic to the soul itself, essential to the awakening of one’s inner spiritual instincts.  The reason so many adults are in a spiritual tail spin as a adults is because they were denied this essential spiritual education. They were never taught the nature of moral and ethical reasoning, just the limited capacity to think in terms of “right and wrong” and “good and bad”.  They never were shown how to transcend the limited perceptual range of the personal ego, the small demanding “I”, in order to perceive the wider range of life – to understand life through the Tao, for example.  For some reason unknown to me – for which I remain forever grateful – I had these teachings from age five until twenty-nine. Wild, huh?  Even I can’t get over it.

Now – the absence of sacred teachings makes a person vulnerable to darkness, not just madness. What happened in Norway is not the act of a madman. It is the act of evil, the act of hatred with a gun in its hand. Evil and hatred are capable of acts that the human mind cannot comprehend – the Holocaust, for example. By calling just actions insane, we assume the position that they are freak incidents that cannot or might not happen again. Recognizing, however, that they are rooted in evil – actual evil – is another thing. You then realize not only can they happen again, they will happen again.  Evil looks for the mentally and emotionally vulnerable and unprotected, the individuals who are frighened and who nurture hatred in themselves and who have never learned to turn to a Higher Power for help.

People have frequently said to me that they do not believe in evil. For me, that is a foolish position if not a dangerous one. I offer the world as proof and events such as the one in Norway as proof that darkness not only exists but it is powerful.  And each one of us is susceptible particularly those who think that darkness is a fantasy, a fiction, a lark.

In any event – no matter what you believe, let me end by saying it is better to live within a field of grace than outside it. Let us hold the people of Norway in our prayers and the people of Europe. No doubt the pattern of fear this man set in motion is rapidly moving through the rest of Europe.


Bless you all,



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