Thought for the day :)

~Now – the absence of sacred teachings makes a person vulnerable to darkness, not just madness. What happened in Norway is not the act of a madman. It is the act of evil, the act of hatred with a gun in its hand. Evil and hatred are capable of acts that the human mind cannot comprehend – the Holocaust, for example. By calling just actions insane, we assume the position that they are freak incidents that cannot or might not happen again. Recognizing, however, that they are rooted in evil – actual evil – is another thing. You then realize not only can they happen again, they will happen again.  Evil looks for the mentally and emotionally vulnerable and unprotected, the individuals who are frighened and who nurture hatred in themselves and who have never learned to turn to a Higher Power for help.”  Carolyn Myss~

What are your thoughts?What are you thinking about?

What is in your heart?What are you feeling?

Good or Evil?


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