Thought for the day : )

“A good heart and a good mind – those are what you need to be a chief.”
–Louis Farmer, ONONDAGA
“The combination of heart and mind is very powerful. The Medicine Wheel teaches that two worlds exist – the seen and the unseen. The seen world is the physical and the unseen is the spiritual world. Both of the worlds are necessary to discover true reality. The seen world is easiest seen by the male side. The unseen is easiest seen by the female side. The heart is the unseen and the mind is the seen. Blessed is the leader or person who has developed the heart and the mind. Truly, the person is of tremendous value to the Creator and the people.”

“My Great Spirit, help me this day to develop both my female side and my male side. Let me know all the feelings of each, let me develop and grow my intuition and my mind. Let my developement only serve you.”

This is the  greatest Elder Meditation yet.The mind and the heart need to be in balance and if you look at the world outside, the mind is clearly running amok, heal your emotional hearts and the mind will come back in balance. The male side needs to acknowledge their own female side. Inside of every one of us is this dual energy. It is all about balance.


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