Darth Vader & The Movie Star

Who doesn’t want to meet a movie star, I know, I know, as we get older it is not such a big deal but when you are young,

movie stars are like the most happening thing. Most of us never get a chance to meet one, much less one that we actually like.

I believe that everything in physical life is there for a purpose, to show you about yourself and sometimes there is a lesson that we need to see and it may come in the form of a person, place or thing.

If you are a personal friend of mine, you know I get a lot of things in dreamtime, sometimes it’s a lesson, sometimes it’s a person I need to look at or sometimes I really can’t figure it out at all and makes no sense until days, even months later after I remember.

One of the things that I get is about movie stars.

Ok, laugh now and get it out.

I realize it is not uncommon to dream about them but it is uncommon to see things about their life that has not happened as of yet.

Sometimes I get these things, when I was younger, it used to be a lot. As I have gotten older and depending on where I am in America, I don’t dream about them so much.

So imagine my surprise when a friend of mine had the opportunity to be in the presence of one of these such persons and imagine my surprise that it was one such person that I had dreamt about repeatedly, had helped me figure some things out about myself in dreamtime and had not a clue that he had even helped me out.

Talk about divine intervention, one such that I could not deny that I was being told by Spirit that this was something I needed to follow through and I needed to receive the message that this soul had for me.

I wasn’t even sure I was going to meet this person but I moved along my path and tried not to get to excited, lest I be disappointed.

I need to back up here and give a little history before I continue with my story. I am working on a project that when it is done I think will help a lot of people with emotions and as I said I get a lot of stuff in dreamtime. Before I had this chance meeting, the night before I had dreamt about Darth Vader. Couldn’t make heads or tails of what I was seeing until the next day when I met the movie star.

My wonderful friend and I had lunch the next day and our star happened to be in the hallway outside where we were so my friend went into the hallway and said”Do you have a minute to meet someone?” and being the nice guy he is said “Sure”.

He came into the area where I was and there he was, as cute as ever and introduced himself to me and shook my hand, went back to stand by the door and my friend goes” This is the one I was telling you that had dreams about  you all the time and you help her out”

Yes, she REALLY said that to him. Talk about embarrassing but I rolled my eyes and said thanks and he was kind enough to come back over to me and give me a hug and a kiss and said “Glad I can help you in dreamtime”. Such a nice guy, didn’t blink an eye at my humiliation.

He went back over to the door and my encounter was almost over when I heard him tell my friend, about something else they were talking about,”He is a Jedi”. “He has the force with him”.

I about fell over.

Now it all made sense, spirit was trying to get me to look at the emotions with the Star Wars characters, which I NEVER would have looked at. To me there old, from the 80″s and we all know how bad the movies are from then. Movies have come along way but Star Wars was not at the top of my list.

But I listened and watched the first three and then the second set with Anakin Skywalker aka Darth Vader.

I realized that even though my encounter with a movie star was great, if I had not payed attention to my inner spirit I would have missed the lesson that I was being shown, which in turn came via a movie star that had no idea that he had even been a tool.

This is how life works, if you will open your eyes to see it, spirit is always trying to get through, anyway it can, to show you how to heal your life.

You just have to listen to the messages even if they don’t come from a movie star, they can come from your best friend or your mortal enemy. Everything in your life has a purpose and it’s up to you to be your own superhero and find out why that is.

As far as who my movie star was, he will remain nameless because it is not about who he is but the lesson that he gave from one soul to another.

And I say to him, “Thank you for being a carrier of the Force and may it always be with you on your path and in your heart”

and to my friend that was also the tool of spirit ” Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I love you.”


Picture credit Hollywood Sign= frontpagejunkie.com

Darth Vader=southafricabooks.com


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