Thought for the day : )

If you avoid certain situations because you are worried about the outcome, you never get to learn what would have happened if you had faced those situations. You deprive yourself of the chance to see how you would have coped. When you decide to avoid, you experience a temporary state of relief, but you are also left feeling powerless and deflated, as if you can’t control your own behavior. Eventually you become discouraged and disheartened as a vague sense of feeling paralyzed sets in. This is how aviodance slowly eats away at your self confidence over time. Push yourself to feel vulnerable. This allows you to learn that you can handle whatever happens, and that even the most difficult  of emotions can’t destroy you. We are all capable of feeling intense fear so we can escape life threatening situations. But usually people avoid things that simply make them feel uncomfortable.

-Holly Hazlett-Stevens, PHD


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