Thought for the day : )


I do not argue nor do I resist any person or condition or circumstance. I know that the power of the Spirit

of God’s good is greater than any person, place or thing. I give freedom to everyone as I am free.

I do not criticize or condemn myself nor anyone. God’s love in me prompts me to forgive any personal hurt or offense.

I do not resist life. I flow with life’s good as it expresses through me.

Order and harmony prevail and for these things I am grateful.

-From a card at the Prayer and Guidance Center Mile High Church Lakewood, Co

As I put up these thoughts for the day, I have been working on these myself, I to,  have all the same issues that everyone else has, the only difference is that I put all of the lessons I learn into action. Not always. Sometimes my mind runs amok. I think bad thoughts and have bad choices. BUT when you are AWARE of this, the next thought/action you can change and not repeat the same mistake.

Oprah says”when you know better you do better” this only applies to those that choose to change.

I am willing to change. I choose to change those thoughts/behaviors that do not serve me anymore.

Use your free will to be aware of what you need to change and then do it.

If you are aware that you are thinking about another person and those thoughts are not good. WHY are you thinking them?xoxo




2 thoughts on “Thought for the day : )

  1. Wonderful thoughts – I am reading a book by a woman who had an NDE and came back with many insights, and one thing she emphasizes is for us to use attention and intention with our thoughts – and I try to follow that.

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