Words of Wisdom from others

I thought this was important to post  because alot of people are having difficulty with frustration and lack of faith.

Knowing what the “right” way is.

“Am I doing it right”? “That person is wrong”? “Why is that person so mean to me”?

This is an older article but the meaning is wonderful. xoxo

This comes from :http://www.enlightenus.com/Newsletters/Volume_2_Issue_1.pdf


Welcome, Dear Ones. Today I would like to talk about faith. Your understanding of this attribute is critical to your happiness in the Duality, for without faith (and hope) you have little to see here that is positive.

Faith refers to your ability to believe in the real-ity of the Unseen. The Unseen is of all “flavors” and is all around you; and should I mention that you cannot see it? It takes on many forms. The many levels of consciousness which are every-where are unseen by you. I am unseen by you. Your own Higher Self is of the Unseen. The ques-tion is: Do you have faith that any of these things are there? We think you should, and here’s why. 

First, understand that faith is only a part of the Duality. It is not present in the higher Densities for beyond faith is Knowing. That, my Dear One, is what you do not possess yet… Knowing. Some of you are very close to it; but in the Duality, one thinks only of experiences. You believe that you cannot “know” something without experiencing it directly. You need to see it, to hear it, to smell, taste, touch it. But even then, it is not enough. You have “faith” in your automobile. You can experience it with all of your senses, yet you know that at any moment it can let you down. You have faith in your own mind, yet it too can let you down. Beyond the Du-ality, where I “live”, we “know”. And what is it that we “know”. We know who we are. We know what we are. These things, you do not know. So, in a sense, you cannot yet “know” anything; so you must rely on faith. Faith in the Duality is like forgiveness. It is only nec-essary to have forgiveness here for, outside of the Duality, there is nothing to forgive (do you remember this?). Similarly, outside of the Duality, faith is not needed for there is only knowing.

Second, see that there is only one thing you need have faith in at this time. It is: Yourself. Just as with forgiveness, the most important lesson is the forgiveness you give to yourself. You may have faith in many things – including Angels, gods, priests, fairies, and sparkplugs; but if you do not have faith in yourself, you have no faith at all.

The faith in yourself means that you trust yourself, that you understand that you are here doing exactly what you should be doing (just the right things) at this very moment, and most of all that you are doing the best you can… at this very moment. You may even be cheating and stealing; but at this moment, you are doing the best you can. There is nothing you cannot do. We all know this. But, in the moment, have faith that you are doing just the right thing, in the right way, for the right rea-sons, and with the right outcome. That is your faith. From there, you can have faith in many other things. The faith you have in yourself is your “root”. From it the trunk, the branches, and the leaves (and even the flowers) of your life grow. You are wondrous beautiful.

Beyond all of this, know that WE have faith in YOU. You who think you are so insignificant (yet who love to strut your stuff). You who are so filled with fear, who are chilled with the ap-prehension of what will come next. We have faith in you. For you see, we KNOW. We DO know who you are. You, Dear One, are just like us – only you are working the hard job. We can help you, but none of us can but stand in awe of the work you do here on this planet. It is marvelous to watch, and in the watching our faith in you continues to grow. You are bringing the miracles to rest on your own world. In fact, my Friend, you ARE the miracle. We hug you every day. Have faith in yourself, and give yourself a big smooch.

I AM Archangel Chamuel, your Guide and Ser-vant for the Grand Journey. Welcome to the Rest of Your Life. We are all here to greet you now, my Beloved One. Namaste.



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