A few words about Whitney Houston’s passing


I grew up in the 80’s when Whitney Houston was popular, she was a wonderful singer but the amazing thing was of

course, her voice, it had the power to touch your heart.

But something about Whitney’s passing was extremely difficult, I was thinking about it last night and this is what I came up with.

Her life is like all of our lives, she had a light that she showed to the world and she also showed to the world her shadow.

We can choose to focus on, everyday, the light or the dark.

In each of us is light and shadow, the difference is she had a hard time hiding her darkness because she was famous.

Use her example to look inside your own life to see what you are hiding from or in denial about and

please, please,please work on your emotional self so that you do not need to medicate the pain.

We all do not know when our last breath will be, make use of your gifts while you are still here and be grateful for your life.



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