A Prayer for Whitney from Iyanla Vanzant

This is so beautiful I just had to repost…

Precious Lord of the Universe:

Into Thy hands we commit the soul, the life, the spirit of our sister, our friend, your daughter; the one we knew and called Whitney Houston, daughter of John and Cissy.   We know that she is now immersed in Your sacred Presence.   We know that she now has an eternal home that is filled with and anchored in Your peace, Your love, Your forgiveness and, Your merciful Presence.  We know that while her physical body has departed from the earth, her spirit, her soul is now one with You.  We know that from You she came and, to You she has returned.  We thank you for welcoming her home.  We thank you for giving her peace.   We thank you that in Your hands she knows she is loved.  Teach us to celebrate her life and to find joy in the knowledge that you are a loving Creator God who always welcomes your children home.  We ask this with faith knowing that as we ask it is so.

In  this moment we remember Your promise that in our times of disquiet, the  Comforter would come.  Just now Precious Lord, we ask that your  Comforter surround Whitney’s baby girl Bobbi Christina.  We ask that the  angels, guardians of your court and the ancestors circle her mind and  body, whispering words of peace into her soul.  We ask that angels of  peace blow their divine breath from the souls of her feet to the crown  of her head.  We ask that she have peace, a perfect peace that is beyond  human understanding.  We ask that you comfort Whitney’s mother, our  sister Lady Cissy.  We ask for your mercy to fall fresh each day on this  mother.  We ask for Your power and grace to uproot and supplant any  disquiet in her soul.  We ask that you surround Bobbi Christina and her  grandmother Lady Cissy as they walk through the physical tasks of  surrendering their Beloved Whitney into Your care.  We ask that you  touch every member of the Houston family, every loved one and friend who  may come into contact with the family so that they serve as  representatives of the Comforter, bringing peace where there be despair;  love where there may be fear.  We ask this believing that because we  ask in faith it is so.

We  ask that you touch the hearts and minds of people everywhere across the  earth; those of us who knew Whitney, and those of us who loved her.   Re-mind us to re-member that Thy will is done.  Even when we do not  understand it, Thy will is done.  Even if we do not like it, Thy will is  done.  Even when we are tempted to use the measurement of human time to  assess what is and is not good and right and fair, fill us to  recognize, Thy will is done.

We  ask that you teach us to be still when we do not understand, to be kind  when we do not agree, to be humble when we want to be right, to be  forgiving when we are tempted to gossip.   We ask that you inspire us to  surrender our opinions, judgments, perceptions, any and all unkind,  unloving thoughts or words and, that you remind us to use that energy to  lift the Houston family in prayer and loving light.   We ask that you  open our minds, hearts and eyes to see the lessons this life can teach  us and to accept what we can to make our own lives better to be of  greater service to You.  We ask that you bridle every tongue that it may  speak only that which is of good report.  We ask that Your loving  Presence and wisdom replace our need to know and hear and question what  is human and temporary so that we may acknowledge moment by moment, Thy  will is done.

Creator, God, Lord of this life, in this time of grief, confusion and despair, we acknowledge You as the Knower Of All Things, the Being at the center of all life.   We now ask for and open ourselves to receive Your divine guidance as we walk through this experience of loss.  We surrender all “why”s to You.  We ask for the courage to do what is in alignment with Your will.  Fill us with the peace of Your presence.  We ask for a vision that will take us beyond what we see and feel in this moment.  Fill us with acceptance of your will.  We ask above all else we ask to see love in all things and in each other.   Into Thy hands we commit our minds, our mouths, our hearts, our lives, the Houston family, every journalist and media outlet as Thy will is done.

If we should falter, teach us, forgive us, and lift us in our souls to the place that you would have us be in order serve the divine purpose of Your will.

These things we ask with a loving and trusting hearts knowing that as we ask and believe it is so.

And so It Is.

Into Thy hands we release, surrender, bless and celebrate our sister, your daughter Whitney Houston.

Amen and Ache


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