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~A Course in Miracles says that it is “not our job to seek for love, but to seek for all the barriers we hold against its coming.”

Thinking that there is some special person out there who is going to save us is a barrier to pure love. – Marianne Williamson~


No one is coming to save you, you have to save yourself, just like the quote from the Wizard of Oz.xoxo

“Glinda steps out of the ball of light and kindly tells Dorothy that she has always had the power to go home with the magical power of her ruby slippers,  but she had to discover it for herself.

Dorothy: Oh, will you help me? Can you help me?      

Glinda: You don’t need to be helped any longer. You’ve always had the power to go back to Kansas.      

Dorothy: I have?      

Scarecrow: Then why didn’t you tell her before?      

Glinda: Because she wouldn’t have believed me. She had to learn it for herself.”


quote from oz from:


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