The Trigger Behind The Bullet Part Two

This is a continuation of this post:

Oh yes, where did we leave off?

Butterflies, Orange, Yellow, Rabbits….

Chakra affected : Orange, sacral, procreate, relationships (orange butterflies)

Animals noticed: Butterflies and Rabbits (Watch what you are creating, transformation,reacting out of fear)

So I was being shown about my second Chakra and what I was creating and how it is affecting others and myself.

Enter dreamtime:

As you know I get a lot of things in dreamtime and I find that the things that make the least amount of sense are sometimes the most important.

Not to get into too much detail but I had a dream that I had a gun/bullet shell casing in my head…

I was walking around asking for help in removing the casing from my head, nobody could help me, they ran from me, until one person said “I can’t help you with that” I thought to my dreamself “Well why not, it’s not like you can’t see it and I am asking for you to remove it”

The person again turned and walked away and I woke up, really wondering if I had lost my marbles along with my brain : )

So I tucked it away until that weekend and a friend of mine’s husband made a comment that I “heard” more loudly than the rest of what he was saying (I call them “Spirit Ears”, when something sticks out to you  in conversation)

He was talking about a gun he had and he was talking about some conspiracy theory things and he put his gun down on the ground and said ” See this gun? It doesn’t do anything by itself, don’t come and take my gun because the issue is not the gun it is me”

WHAM….I flashed to the bullet dream….

Now I am no gun/bullet expert but I am sure this is how this works: Bullet has a casing and needs gunpowder to “fire” the bullet and then the casing remains and bullet goes wherever directed. Bring in the gun, the two go hand in hand because the gun is nothing without the bullet and vice versa.

So we are the gun and the casing, our thoughts and emotions are the gunpowder and our actions are the bullet.

Nobody can REMOVE your bullet casing because you are the trigger BEHIND the bullet.

The thoughts you think and emotions you act upon “trigger” you actions and the bullet hits “the bull’s-eye” in the form of hurting another person with your deeds and words.

Now these can be old thoughts and old emotions from the past that really do not serve you anymore but you keep “triggering” the same pattern, either by yourself or a relationship that is in front of you,because you have not learned what it coming to teach you.

Same thing goes round and round, I call it “Karmaland”

Ever wonder why you can’t stop reacting?Shooting out those bullets that wound people?

We will talk about that in Part Three….xoxo


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