Music From The Heavens

So I kinda ignored this song in my head today because I couldn’t figure out what it meant… I was calling a company and they put me on hold and guess what was playing? You guessed it, this song. This is an old song from the 80’s that you really don’t hear that often so I figured I had better not ignore it and look a little deeper.

The words to the song really didn’t hit me but I looked a little deeper for the meaning and this is what I found:

“Vega wrote the song based on a comment by her friend Brian Rose, a photographer, who mentioned that in his work, he sometimes felt as if “he saw his whole life through a pane of glass, and […] like he was the witness to a lot of things, but was never really involved in them.”

Quote from:’s_Diner

In our life we can place judgement on alot of things but the key is to look at things from an observer perspective and try to practice non-judgement, even if it looks like it needs to be changed, check with your higher self, sometimes the lesson needs to be learned for the soul to grow and learn……Enjoy xoxo

Tom’s Diner Suzanne Vega



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