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This is from my Words of Wisdom post today:Planet Alert 2012, I thought that this was worth pointing out, the words in BOLD are the most important thoughts….Gratitude and Apprecation for everything in your LIFE, the good, the bad and the ugly……xoxo

This is from:

“On May 20, 2012, a rare solar eclipse alignment will happen between the Earth, the Sun and Alcyone in the Pleiades Constellation. According to myth, the hunter Orion was in love with the SEVEN SISTERS and pursued them until the gods took them to safety, transforming them first into doves, and then into stars. Maia, the eldest of the seven sisters, gave birth to Hermes (Thoth).” “The Pleiades are a well-known sight in the Northern Hemisphere in winter and in the Southern Hemisphere in summer, and have been known since ancient times to cultures all around the world. The Hopi considerthemselves direct descendants of the Pleiades“ The Maya also consider the Pleiades very important and base their calendars on this star system and the planet Venus. “Eclipses mean changes and new beginnings. The only way to claim your beauty, your wealth, your health, and your love is to see it in others. For the world mirrors your own reflection. If you do not feel worthy and prosperous, you see that in your own reflection. Do not focus on depreciation:  instead focus on appreciation. Allow what you have ownership of to gain value through you. You receive value when you see the value of others. You gain your beauty when you see the beauty of others. You gain wealth when you rejoice in the good fortune of others. Their good fortune means that your good fortune is right around the corner. Every minute of every day you too shall be blessed if you quietly bless others.”


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