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~(Q) When in the meditation of FAITH, we are told to pray, “Create in me a pure heart, O God”. Does the word “heart” refer to the subconscious mind? Please give some light on the word “heart”.

(A) As in the physical body the heart considered the seat, or the source of that which impels life to all portions of the body. In that sense, then, in creating in me a pure heart, a pure soul, …a pure purpose, that in all forces, all circumstance, all conditions, in all the active forces of the body, in mind or in physical contact, may bring as life, light, understanding, to those contacted – as does the heart to the body. This as an attribute, or a representation then, as is used to signify that purpose, that intent, that life, that characterization, of the active forces of an entity, a body, a mind, the imaginative forces, the conscious forces, the subconscious or soul forces. Not as of the subconscious alone; rather that that illustrates, as of the seat, the source, the activating forces that IMPEL those as would do His biddings. As: “Create within me a pure heart, O God, and RENEW a right, righteous, holy spirit within me.” ~ from reading 262-15 Edgar Cayce~

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