Music From The Heavens

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Today is a very beautiful song….It has a lot of religious undertones.. I was raised Baptist so I know a lot about the stories that this song refers.

and I am posting a description from another blog that explains the song from their point of view…

The thing that struck me about this was how many people see a different version and perceive this song so differently, almost like religion, there are so many religions and all of them think that their way is the right way and many have caused wars and fights because of this belief. War and fighting do not equal LOVE.

I offer something else today.

What if humans allowed others to believe what they want and not try to change their mind, that you drew people to you because of the light you brought to the room,in your heart, not the words of challenge and debate.

Isn’t that really what Jesus was trying to say…

I cannot tell you how many people have spoken this week to me about the hypocritical people that they have encountered, that say they are of a certain religion and then speak and act terrible. They are angry.

and I always say the same thing….Look inside of YOURSELF. What are you doing? How are you acting?

Be the example that you want to see and then people will be drawn to the light and love that Jesus put into your heart, that has nothing to do with what you believe in your head, it is about LOVE in your heart.

Be compassionate towards your brother/sister because we are all ONE.See the beauty in all the versions of things.

Love them. Be gentle with them. Understand that they have their own lessons to learn in this life, just as this song speaks of the lessons the great biblical characters had.

Praise God for allowing you the lessons and they lessons you learn about yourself  from others.

The world is hurting. Do not be a contributing factor to that hurt……xoxo

I posted a couple of versions, both beautiful, allowing for both versions to exist and see the beauty in both…






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