Thought for the day : )

Quote from the book Many Lives, Many Masters, the author talks about the lessons we all need to learn in earth school, I had revisited this book due to a friend giving it to me, I had read it before but it had been many years ago….

There was much practical advice along the way: the value of patience and waiting, the wisdom in the balance of nature, the eradication of fears, especially the fear of death, the need to learn about trust and forgiveness, the importance of learning not to judge others,or to halt anyone’s life, the accumulation and use of intuitive powers, and perhaps most of all, the unshakable knowledge that we are immortal. We are beyond life and death, beyond space and time. We are the gods and they are us.”-Brian Weiss-Many Lives, Many Masters

This is a great book, a beginner’s guide to the concept of reincarnation, but one of the important things about this book is to let the reader know that the statement above is why we are here, it is up to us to CHOOSE those things listed above, just like I wrote in the “Trigger behind the bullet” post, you choose the reaction that makes the bullet fly, you are the gunpowder, and everyday you have to check yourself and make sure the “bullets” are not aiming for yourself and another.

When you really become aware that you are in charge of your own life and there is no blame, your life will change….xoxo


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