Music From The Heavens/Holistic Corner

Power and Control, Power and Control….

How many of us struggle with this, inside or ourselves and outside with others?

I am very in tune to energy fields, running in myself and others and since I am striving so hard for balance within myself I immediately know when I am out of sync with myself, it’s as thou a weight is on my right side, I feel heavy and it hurts like it is suppressed, I do not seem to have any issues with my female energy anymore, I have done a lot of healing there.

When you realize that the people in your life really have a huge effect on you and really teach you things about yourself, it is amazing the things that you can work through quickly, with the keys BUT….

What if you have a situation that you just can’t figure out and all the tools do not work that you know?

This is what I have happening right now.

I really want to heal my male side, I have had lesson after lesson in my life with males.

Couldn’t see the forest for the trees with this issue, so when I cannot figure it out, I have to go within.

And I wait….and wait some more, until I get a “hit” as I call it, a vision or dream from the higher realms to help me out because I am, after all, in denial about something or I would see it.

This is what I received:

Tears for fears/Everybody wants to rule the world

Here are the lyrics:

“Welcome to your life, There’s no turning back, Even while sleep ,We will find you Acting on your best behaviour, Turn your back on mother nature, Everybody wants to rule the world, It’s my own design, It’s my own remorse, Help me to decide ,Help make the most Of freedom and of pleasure, Nothing ever lasts forever, Everybody wants to rule the world

There’s a room where the light won’t find you ,Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down, When they do I’ll be right behind you, So glad we’ve almost made it, So sad they had fade it, Everybody wants to rule the world, I can’t stand this indecision, Married with a lack of vision Everybody wants to rule the world Say that you’ll never never never need it One headline why believe it ? Everybody wants to rule the world All for freedom and for pleasure Nothing ever lasts forever Everybody wants to rule the world”

I did a little more digging and found this quote from Curt Smith:

The concept is quite serious – it’s about everybody wanting power, about warfare and the misery it causes.

I was just telling someone today that we are like two bulls, and this must be how wars get started, to bulls hit each other with opposing ideas of the same issue, both have their own perceptions, both could take each of them down a path, but where does the path lead and why am I opposed to this person leading down one?

Hmmm, makes you think doesn’t it? Well folks, it’s really simple, it is fear, disguised as power and control.

Where did the fear come from? This lifetime or a previous one?

Don’t even get me started on the past life thing, I was raised a Baptist and it took me a long time to even allow that this concept could be possible but I am here to tell you it is and I have experienced it first hand in my own life.

Last night I had a dream, I was not myself but it was me and another person(that is in my life now) but a different body.

I was in a car, and this person was driving and we were going up a hill, I was yelling, telling them to not go up this hill because it was going to be damaging to us, this person ignored me and continued on with me in the passenger seat. We wrecked, the car overturned and the next thing I saw was a hospital and a doctor pointing to my back saying I would always have trouble with my spine because of the accident.

So I will leave the rest to your imagination to understand that in this life, I am having power and control issues with someone who is, and has been in my life many times I think, and I do not trust them and I am protecting myself and my dream was just one glimpse of a previous lifetime.

What a lesson huh? Sometimes we need a little help from the higher self to see what is going on, I really enlightened my senses today….and am extremely grateful for the help on every level.

Everything has to come to love and understanding, and as I am a work in progress, I will continue to work on this, it is like peeling an onion, sometimes there are lots of layers and they come off as you are ready to see.

I will continue to strive for oneness with myself and forgive all those who have trespassed against me in this life and other lives as well……xoxo

“If you still have fear, you haven’t done enough forgiving, you are still holding on as a protection” Swami Maa


2 thoughts on “Music From The Heavens/Holistic Corner

  1. Good stuff here. The constant struggle for power is, in reality, nothing more than our trying to hang onto what is really always there and open to us if we’d only let go of it…

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