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“Relationships with others are a mirror of how we are relating to ourself. If you have a pattern of attracting men who want you sexually, but don’t love you, then the simple solution is to start asking yourself what this mirrors inside of you. Do you like yourself superficially, but deep inside question your value and lovability? These are hard issues to look at in ourselves, so getting the assistance of a therapist can make it a little easier and help you stay honest and focused. If you have been taught from an early age that getting a partner is how about how you look and what you say, and not so much about knowing your essential nature and being who you really are, then that sets a pattern in place that takes some work to overcome. You r meditation practice can be a big help here my making the connection that the silence and knowingness you experience in meditation is your true self. As that experience grows stronger and stronger, you will know that this truth inside you is what matters most. Valuing your core self is really loving yourself completely. And when you do that, you will attract a partner who reflects that love and respect to for you.” Deepak Chopra


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