Trigger Behind The Bullet Part Three

Here is part one:

Here is part two:

What makes people do the things they do?

The unspeakable things.

The murders, the rapes and the molestation of other human beings.

I had been sitting on this, I had finished the other two parts way before this one but this weekend, coming put of the Aurora, Colorado shooting, I figured I had better get to writing.

Something inside tells me that it is time for this to be finished, coming off of a horrific weekend that someone used real bullets and took several human lives.

In the previous two posts I showed you how spirit talks to you, in many forms, always trying to get through.

God wants good for you, love for you.

But what happens when we cannot accept love.

We create hurt and fear. After all you can only give what you can receive.

Sure it looks really good to keep giving but at some point when you cannot receive you start to get bitter, and may never show it.

Your heart knows though and so does your higher self.

You are betraying yourself.

Then the bullets start flying, anger, fear, revenge and most of the time, all with a smile on your face.

But inside you are rotting, your heart is black, cold and shut.

When you shut out your heart you do unspeakable things, all in the name of fear.

Just like the guy who went into a movie theater and shot innocent people.

Now I am not pretending to know what was really going on with that guy, I am no expert, I am not a psychologist or a policeman, so I cannot look at it from that viewpoint.

But I can look at from mine.

I know that when you get hurt, regardless if it is your own fault and you can’t see it, you usually blame someone else for your misery.

In this case, this guy took it out on humanity. He didn’t take it out on the ones or one who he thought caused him pain.

He just wanted someone else to feel it or was in it for the glory.

I am sure in the coming weeks, hopefully we will find out.

The bottom line is this: Thoughts and emotions create actions.

Now his actions hurt humanity and cause a ripple that was felt accross the whole nation.

I hope that you will watch how your actions hurt another. Care about what is coming out of your mouth.

Pay attention to what you are doing. Don’t let your emotions or your mind run the show.

Bullets cause damage and sometimes the penalty is DEATH.

Death of another, of a relationship, of a family member or someone else that is close to you.

If you get nothing more out of reading this, get this….



Do not spend another minute on this earth wasting time on things that don’t matter.

Work on yourself, work on your own heart, how does it look today?

You never know when it is your last chance to make things right.

LOVE yourself, LOVE another, LOVE your enemies.

FORGIVE yourself, FORGIVE another, FORGIVE your enemy.

If you cannot do these things, then you need to figure out why.

Please do not let yourself be anymore triggers behind flying bullets…..xoxo



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