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The Illusion. Attachment, Judgment, and Resistance.We have spent many words speaking of the Illusion.

Since you are so much a part of it, we feel no more words need be wasted on it now. However, we would

like to focus on the three pillars of the Illusion: Attachment, Judgment, and Resistance. We would like

to give credit to one of your fellow Beings for sparking this thought for us.

We begin with Attachment. It is your grasp on the forms which are presented to you in the Illusion.

These forms are not just physical things. You may be “attached” to your car, your house, your books, even

your mate, partner or friends. You feel that they give your life the meaning it has and thus establish your

identity. Your “identity” is the “I” in the Illusion. “My” car, “my” house, “my” books… even “my” friends speak

to who I am as a person. They are, you feel, the embellishments on the “me” which is my “real” self.

But that’s not all. You are also “attached” to your beliefs. You think some things are “right” and others

are “wrong.” Clearly, these are judgments, which we will be focusing on in an upcoming column. But,

again, your attached beliefs seem to make you special, to clarify “where you stand,” to make you

unique yet identified with a group of people who share your beliefs. They are your calling card.

You are also attached to your thoughts. If your brain came up with a thought, it must be important; it

must be worth considering. Similarly, you are attached to your emotions. “I have a real temper.” “I

cry easily.” “I’m afraid of …” This is how you show yourself to your world. You are even, Dear Ones, attached

to your spirituality. In fact, there are many things you are attached to. Your Ego has made sure

of this since it wants to make sure that your identity here, in this separated and fearful world, is thoroughly

established. And what should happen if you were to lose one of these “attachments?” Why, then you lose part of

yourself. A hole is created. If you give all your books away, you are somehow depleted, you are “less

than,” you have lost something very significant. Similarly, if a relationship goes “South”, if your house

burns down, if someone pokes a whole in your belief system; suddenly, you become depressed because

your life has lost something… you have lost your identity… or at least part of it.

We know you see where this is headed now, Dear Ones. It must be clear that all your Attachments are

temporary. All things in this world change. That is the very essence of the Third Density. If you expect

to ALWAYS have your house, your car, your playthings… even your beliefs, you are in for a letdown.

For each of these things will change and, eventually, drift away. Perhaps the most significant “attachment”

you have is to your body, and this too will change, age, and retire. Nothing of this world is permanent.

Do not expect them to be. It’s just not in the cards. And, as the old saying goes, “You can’t take it with

you.” So now, we suggest you begin a different tactic with your Attachments.

First, realize their own “reality”… their changing and ephemeral nature. This should indicate to you that it

really doesn’t make all that much sense to put all your “eggs” in your Attachment-basket. Everything in

that basket is going to come and go over time. That is the nature of “things”; so why worry about it. Attachments

serve to keep you attached to the worry about losing them. This is madness.

Understand that once you leave this planet (that is, as a physical presence here), all your Attachments

will be gone. So we strongly suggest beginning now to relinquish your attachment to them. There is nothing

wrong with any attachment for they are “neutral,” but they are only forms… meaningless devices of the

Duality which you have created to keep yourself here and amused; and that strategy has worked well,

hasn’t it? We suggest this: Let Go and Let God/ Creator/Source. Remember that it is You, your Higher

Self, that is the permanence of this universe… and nothing else. Think twice before you buy that next CD

or shirt. Do you really need another attachment?

But the toys are fun, aren’t they?

Namaste, Archangel Chamuel.


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