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This came from a friend of mine today (thanks Meg) it is at the end of the Words of Wisdom from Others I just put up  : )



I live in a universe that is by nature abundant; this universe is by nature loving, and it is by its very nature whole. I choose today to realize what’s always been true: that I am One with this Universe, that I always have been one with it, and that I have access to all its good, whenever I open my mind to receive it. Today I awaken to my noble self, realizing that I am a powerful center of creative energy in this universe, a place where life is delighted to flow and flow with ease. I stop playing small, and realize that I can gift myself anything in the world, and I do it with joy and with the knowing and believing that as imagination flows through me, I align with creation, it’s not of my own creation, but of Spirit. I receive each gift, whatever its form, freely. Whether it is presents from my children, offering my best in my work, loving my partner with all of my heart, or finding abundance, I do it with the full and complete understanding that Spirit and I playfully conduct this action through me. I relax in the knowing that everything is just fine, that the power of Spirit is thought+full+ly flowing through me, that this universe is a safe and wonderful place to be. And my life blossoms in joy. And so it is.


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