Words of Wisdom From Others: A request from the angelic realm

This is from an email I recieved this morning: VISIONARIES: A request from the angelic realm…


“In a group I am in, one member has been receiving “Angel Messages” for us for some years. It seems imperative to share this more universal one, and to ask everyone to use this visualization as often as they think to do it. And to share it far and wide (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) before, and even after, the 2012 political season. There is much healing that needs to be done for our nation and the world… Will you help? WE can do it together! Here’s the Angel Message of 8/26/12:

An image appears of the Capitol in Washington, D.C., with a large ring of golden light around its dome, like a halo. Rainbow colored lights began to emanate/pulse from the golden light. Overseeing the entire scene is a huge angel, arms outspread as if in a gesture of blessing and protection.
Message: It is critical to “enlighten” the legislators in this country. We are asking you to help in this process, by sending them light. The most effective way to bring the needed change is to ask your Higher Self to communicate to the Higher Selves of the legislators, and all other government officials, asking them to rise above their egos and ideologies, and consider the best interests of the whole. In order to be truly effective at this you each need to rise above ego and be focused on the highest good for all concerned. You cannot ask of another what you yourself are unable or unwilling to do. When you become angry, reactive and judgmental about the politicians and their rhetoric you are no longer emitting the Light that heals. Use discernment, but be not judgmental. This nation — and indeed the world — now needs every bit of positive energy that can be summoned to offset all the negativity being projected. Be a part of the emissaries of Light.

Repeat this visualization often.”


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