Words of Wisdom From Others: Purpose by Amy Frost

I got this in an email but here is her website : ) www.amyfrost.com

“There isn’t a day that goes by  that I am not asked, “How do I know I am living my  purpose?”  I believe that we live our purpose in  all we do.  If you haven’t found your purpose yet, I suggest you start  looking for clues in your life and by asking this question, “How may I be of  service?”

When  you are prompted from deep within to do something, do not waste time wondering  why you should do it, or if you should do it, or when you should do it. Simply  take immediate action and Do It, and count not the cost. You may not even see  the outcome of that action immediately but you can rest assured that you will at  the right time.

I asked  myself, “How may I be of service?” as I was flipping through Oprah Magazine a  few months ago.  I was stopped cold on a page on a contest from “Crocs  Cares– 100 women to give 100 pairs of shoes through a nonprofit.” They asked, “How could you use these shoes to give back to a charity in your  community?”

I was  hit by a complete “KNOWing” that I was to propose to give out these shoes to 100  amazing women each supporting a different cause through the Nonprofit Sector  Foundation (NSF).  The words for an email flowed through my fingers as I  submitted what I envisioned this award standing  for:

Stepping in to your Shoes of  Purpose and Walking for Good Awards Recipients are women  who:

  • Step up and step out on what they   believe!
  • See that something needs done and   they do it!
  • They are smart and   creative!
  • Use their heads and their hearts   in tandem!
  • They give and give and   give!
  • They need to be valued and   appreciated!

I saw  the call to action and got a strong feeling on what to propose and went for  it.  It  has been months since the proposal and last week we were told “you  won!” Impossible odds; yet it happened.   Now, we can recognize 100 women stepping up to their purpose and for the steps  they take to make their communities and world a better place.  I know that  running this program is part of my purpose.  Now, what small step can you  take to your purpose?

Your Assignment on your quest to  know and live your purpose:

Spend some time “listening” for the whisper of your calling.  When you have a clear KNOWing  to take an action– DO IT!  Ask daily, “how may I be of service?” and have  the courage to hear the answer and simply act.


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