Black and White and Mouse all over

~So I won this hat in a contest that I had donated a flower essence to. I had created this essence just for people in trauma/emotional upset, it was called “I AM Safe and Secure”. This was in support of a non-profit called “ReachOut Worldwide” , some gals had gotten together to do fundraisers for this. Out of their own time, their own money they have worked to support this foundation which I think is totally great and I wanted to support them in their project.

Imagine my surprise when I won the prize pack. I happened to be  in Virginia at my teachers when I got the notification that I had won. I said to her  “Maybe I should let someone else get the prize, because I really don’t need it” she looked at me and said “Don’t you dare give that up, you sit on that and figure out why it is coming to you, listen to it.”

I went on and met the gal who ran the fundraiser on my way home, such a great gal. When I met her, we had lunch. When I got there it was sunny and after we were done with our lunch, it started pouring rain, I mean POURING. Lots of water. I really didn’t pay much attention to it, other than I thought it was funny that it started raining as I got my prize.

Fast forward to now, I have this hat, and the colors are black and white. I had no idea what to do with this hat so I put it up on my shelf atop a thing that says LOVE. I glance at it almost every morning when I get up. It has an autograph on it from one of the founding members of ROWW.

I follow this guy on Twitter and he has been having a few encounters with frogs.

“I am a frog, I can go on both land and water, I can live both above the water and below in the water. I am the Keeper of the Water”-Jumping Mouse pg 45

If everything in front of you has a reason(which is what I teach) I guess I better start looking at frogs and black & white.

I had done a piece on frogs before called Ribbit, Ribbit :

So I reread it. What am I supposed to be seeing? Why is this in front of me? and what the hell does it have to do with the hat?

Spirit comes to you in the way you can hear it, it meets you at your level of consciousness, your level of understanding, who knows you better than God, who knows what you need better than God? Who knows what is needed to heal your heart better than God?

I had another encounter with an animal, a mouse. OHHH yes, and I am one of those people who cannot stand to take the mouse out of the trap, who’s with me? So I figured, I can just catch the mouse and let him go.

And I did. Damn if that thing wasn’t cute as hell. I took some pictures of him, gave him some water and some cheese and let him go.

I was talking to my teacher and she said ” You need to read the story of “Jumping Mouse”, the mouse has come to teach you something. I ordered the book, and started reading it this last weekend.

Guess what? Jumping mouse meets FROG who helps him on his journey to himself.

Frog helps him with the word “Paradox”

The meaning of paradox-“a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth”.

If you know me, I am all about balance, trying to get it, trying to stay with it, trying to understand it and apply it my life.

At the end of the month, I am doing a Sun/Moon Dance, which really helps to balance the male and female energies in yourself. This is my fifth year. Sun is male and Moon is female. We have these energies in our bodies all the time, in both sexes. We have work to do on both sides. The challenge is to become one in yourself. When you become one and these energies balance each other, magic happens. I have seen it in myself and in others. It’s when you have a moment when you really get things, when you have reconciliation in your life, something that didn’t make sense, makes sense now. It’s like Divine Timing, when you get a glimpse of things that you know have a higher purpose than what you are seeing at this moment. I do these dances to be a better human, a better teacher to those I come in contact with. You have to do your own work and keep doing it. I want to keep my heart open and be a vessel for wisdom to move through me. If you have all your own stuff still to deal with, you cannot be a vessel for higher truth because you do not know it yourself. You can talk it but can’t walk it. It is a process like peeling an onion.

All kinds of knowledge is out there, but wisdom comes from work. Work you, yourself do. I say, there is a difference in knowing it and getting it and in order to get it, you have to run it through your heart and feel it, that is the only way, to release and let go.

Anyways,  back to the frog and mouse.

The story goes that the mouse leaves his village of safety and goes along a new path, and on this path he encounters some friends. The first one is a racoon, who takes him to the river and shows him some teaching and then along the way he meets the frog. The following is an expert from the book:

“Confronting Paradox”

Again Jeremy shouted, “You tricked me!”

Undisturbed by Jeremy’s screaming, the frog said calmly. “Wait, no harm came to you. You saw the sacred mountain didn’t you? Let go of your anger and fear, it can blind you. What matters is what happened. What did you see?

The little mouse, still shivering from the fear or landing in the water, could hardly speak. He stammered, “The sacred mountain!”

On the one hand, the frog was the one who encouraged him to take the leap which allowed him to see the sacred mountain. On the other hand, the frog had tricked him. He landed in water! Is the frog trustworthy or is he deceptive? Who is the real frog? Divine paradox at it’s best!

In the mystery tradition, the student was challenged repeatedly with paradox and required to resolve it. The resolution of the paradox is never in choosing either extreme. It is not that the frog is either deceptive or trustworthy. Either/or thinking does not bring resolution. Nor does resolution come in denial or suppression of feelings in pretending, for example, that there is no anger. Neither is their resolution in compromise, in some lukewarm midway point between the two extremes. Nor can there be resolution in trying to transcend the paradox and questing for that state of bliss beyond all experience. Certainly, we are able to transcend this third dimensional reality, but transcendence is at a later stage in the journey, not at the beginning.” pg 63-64 Jumping Mouse

“The only way out of paradox is through it.”

You have to go through the difficult times in order to get the lesson. This was the part I have been missing. I am all about expressing your emotions, dealing with your emotions, changing your thinking but somewhere along the way I have forgotten that we have to LIVE, to experience life, the good and the bad.

Here’s some more:

“We must accept and embrace the opposites, deal with the pain and open to the joy. On the one hand, Jumping Mouse was tricked. From another perspective, the experience was a gift. The frog was both deceptive and trustworthy. Once we accept the opposites, we can see the whole of which paradoxes are the two opposite ends. We accept light/dark, right/wrong, joy/pain, sickness/health, rich/poor, being/non-being. To embrace paradox is to learn about death, dissolution, dismemberment, sex, passion, and ecstasy, and to see the beauty in it all. To embrace paradox is to see the divine interplay between life and death, confusion and harmony, matter and spirit. It is to come to terms with the conflicting forces in nature within ourselves and within others. In the end, it is to acknowledge the divinity within paradox, to open our hearts and to embrace it all.”

Frog says to Jeremy, “Let go of your anger and fear”

“Emotions must be owned and dealt with. The challenge is to deal with them and not get stuck in them. Letting go of disturbing emotions is often a very delicate and painful process.”

“Frog was asking Jeremy mouse to move through paradox and LET GO.”

I know what I am holding onto. The sadness of the death of both of my parents. Without sadness there can be no happiness. This is why when I go to sing I cry, this is why when I get excited about something I cry. The sadness is stuck and I need to let go. I don’t know if I ever moved past the grief of my parents or for that matter, the original grief of my birth mother giving me up.

LET GO and be happy again, it’s OK for you to be happy. It is ok for you to enjoy your life. It was their path and they left at the time when they needed to leave. That is their story, it is not your story. You are still here and you have work to do. You still are in the process of your story.

“The frog points Jumping Mouse beyond the paradox to the greater truth. “What did you see?” If we get stuck in either/or thinking, deciding that the frog is either trustworthy or deceptive, we stay stuck in duality. Whole truth contains opposites. If we hold the opposites, and not get stuck in either the first or the second condition, we allow room for the third condition, a higher truth, to reveal itself.”

“Let go of your anger and fear…What did you see? asked the frog. What did you learn from the experience? Focus on new wisdom not old pain. Move through duality. How were you changed? In what way have you been enriched or deepened by the experience? Are you more compassionate, more genuine, more aware, more feeling? Don’t waste the experience. Let it serve you.”

“When what we learn from any painful experience, whether it be an initiatory experience, a re-birth, a betrayal experience, or simply a difficult time, is greater than the amount of pain we have invested in it, we know that we have successfully moved through and beyond that experience”

In the death of my parents, my entire life changed. I was one person before that happened to me and after that happened I was a totally different person. On every level. There are so many things that changed in me at my core I cannot count the ways. I am a better person because of them, because of the deaths of both of my parents and because of them Enlighten My Senses was born.

I see that now, I see that I am a new mouse with new eyes, new ways to look and react with the world.

Things come in your life to challenge you. To push your soul, to grow yourself, it is how you handle the challenges that define you.

The great news is, you always have helpers, you just have to look with your senses, pay attention to the coincidences, there are no accidents.

Thank you Spirit for bringing me Frog, Mouse and Black & White.

Please give me a box of Kleenex when the Rain comes to wash the grief away as my heart opens more and more and more…..xoxo

Jumping Mouse is written by Mary Elizabeth Marlow


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