Words of Wisdom From Others: Enhancing Your Inner Reality/Mary Magdalene

This came from : www.omna.org
Enhancing Your Inner Reality by Mary Magdalene
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 29- 09-12
With love and truth I come forward to you now, I am the essence and light of Mary Magdalene. I am
here to assist and light your way forward, I am here to assist you in mastering your emotions as well
as your mind and your physical body. Your emotions, mind and physical body are divine teachers
awakening the divine within you. Sometimes your emotions, mind and physical body seem to lead
you away from the truth within your being, but by making you aware of illusions you hold onto and
creating a reaction to attract your attention, they break open the abundance of truth within your being
so it may be viewed with clarity. I view myself as a crystal clear ball of light, I am able to notice any
challenges, blemishes or greater awakening that arises but also I show myself as complete truth to
all, allowing all to see the clarity of my energy and intentions. It is my belief that it would be valuable
for you to begin to view yourself as a crystal ball of light, symbolising to yourself that you are already
divine, pure and your energies are crystal clear along with your intentions. Then when you feel as if
you sway from your pathway you can recognise it is only a blemish waiting to be realised or removed
resulting in greater clarity and truth within your being. There is no longer a need nor is it appropriate
for you to acknowledge yourself as having many problems and inner issues to overcome, it is far
more valuable at this stage of ascension to realise the truth of your being, acknowledging the clarity
of your being, which is the foundation of your being.
When you acknowledge yourself as a pure crystal clear energy you are not enhancing your ego but
energising the real reality that exists within your being. There is a reality within your being which is so
pure, divine and sacred that you sometimes have difficulty recognising it as a real aspect of your
being. This reality is akin to the crystal ball of light, you may and can manifest anything from within
the crystal ball and can view the entire universe of the Creator, this is because all that is the Creator
exists within the crystal ball of light.
I ask you to take a moment to sit peacefully, let the attention of your mind observe the reality that has
been created around you, be aware as to whether this reality feels real to you. Then I wish for you to
observe the energy at your heart chakra, the essence of your being and the Creator that is ever
present. Allow yourself to observe your essence and truth contemplating whether the reality within
your being is your true reality.
It is most likely that you will know the energies within your being are your truth, they are the ultimate
reality but your mind will confirm that your outer reality feels and seems more real, solid and
recognisable. Your mind has been training for many years to recognise that what you project into
your outer energies and experience daily is your true and real reality, but what if we were to retrain
the mind to believe that the energies you experience emanating from your being are your true reality,
your perspective will shift. Your perspective would shift so much that over a period of time you would
no longer recognise the reality outside of you but would only trust in the reality within your being. This
is exactly what is occurring for many people on the Earth at this time of ascension, many are
retraining their minds to acknowledge with crystal clear clarity and faith that their true reality and the
reality they have come to the Earth to experience is and has always been within their beings. Many
of you trust in your outer reality existence of the Earth, understanding that this is what you are
destined to be experiencing, if I was to say that the reality you experience even now is just a by-
product of your minds creation, how would you feel? The true reality you have come to experience on
the Earth is born from the heart chakra and is more expansive, loving, magical and inspiring than
you could possibly imagine. It is important to realise that it is an actual reality and not just energy or
I ask you to now imagine that everything inside of you, your light, love and wisdom is your true reality
and everything outside of you is an illusion. How would you feel? I imagine you would long to flow
deeper into your inner reality, to explore and experience. You may even feel more whole as a being
and energy because there is no outer distractions only the inner flowing pathway that guides you to
explore the truth within your being. I do not wish for you to disregard your outer reality, it is
appropriate to honour, respect and enjoy your outer reality because it is your projection but there is a
need to place greater focus in exploring the great source of light within your being. Remember that I
made reference to a crystal ball of light existing within your being, this symbolises that there is an
entire universe for you to explore but more importantly that it is easy for you to view the reality of the
Creator with tremendous simplicity and clarity. Please no longer doubt or resist the true reality that
exists within your being, with acknowledgment you will begin to recognise and project the beautiful
reality within so you may experience a powerful shift and transformation in your perceptions and
experience of your current or outer reality.
Clarity at this moment of ascension is essential; emphasis must be placed upon your intentions
which need to hold tremendously crystal clear clarity. To achieve clear intentions, the intentions need
to be born from the essence within your being or there is a need for you to acknowledge that your
true reality is within your being. With this understanding your intentions will become extremely
powerful, manifesting through and as crystal clear energy, signifying a greater awakening of truth
within you as well as  faith in what currently may seem like the unknown. It is important to manifest
with your intentions greater clarity in all aspects of your being and reality. This can be experience
from a knowingness, affirmation or faith that you create and experience the clarity of your being, soul
and the Creator within your reality. When you can draw and radiate the energy of clarity from within
your being you will find your faith amplifies and therefore you discover your truth. There is a true
identity, actions, reality and an entire world waiting to be explored, the door way is through your heart
chakra if you allow yourself to enter and bathe in peace and with patience.
At this stage of the ascension process on the Earth humanity are being asked to change the way in
which they view, no longer is it satisfactory  to view only your outer reality in fact it is as if your inner
eye is turning to look within which will take time and will require much peace for reflection. When your
inner eye has absorbed all the abundance of the Creator within your being it will begin to reflect
these new findings in all directions therefore magnifying all that is the Creator from within your being.
Ascension is only a greater realisation and radiance of the reality within your being; it is akin to
seeing your real reality after observing a false reality for much time. Many of you may already
experience your real reality through feelings and the expression of your intuition, this may create a
separate private existence from the one you live daily. Energies are altering on the Earth and every
being is beginning to project the universe of the Creator from their beings into the space around
them. In truth your outer reality is simply a space similar to a canvas, the beauty of the Creator is
beginning to be expressed into your outer space which is creating so many shifts on all levels of your
being. It is truly my wish that you place more faith on your inner reality which consists of your guides,
soul, the inner planes, many beings of light and what could be perceived as a universe of light. With
alterations of your perspective you begin to detach from the reality you are accustomed to therefore
making subtle changes in your reality allowing truth to unfold. Even when humanity shifts from one
dimension to another, they are simply recognising the truth and real reality within their beings,
bringing it forth with steady manifestation into their outer space for further experience. With this
understand you may recognise that you are truly limitless, you can bring forth anything that is
appropriate from your true reality into your outer reality or outer space for complete experience and
further understanding.
It is my wish that over the coming week that you observe your beliefs and how much trust you place
in your outer reality compared to the trust you place on yourself, your manifestations and your inner
reality. This I feel will open up a greater truth, perspective and awareness from within your being.
There is an entire reality of light within you waiting to be explored.
In truth,
Mary Magdalene

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