Thought for the day : )

(Q) As it was given in the last reading “Let none be afraid,” clarify and explain the cause of fear and tell us how one seeking to awaken the soul forces may conquer same.
(A) SELF awareness, SELFISHNESS, is that that makes men afraid. The awareness of the necessities of the carnal forces in a material world seeking their gratification. Know ye not that whether ye live or die ye live or die in the Lord? As He gave, “If thine eye offend, pluck it out. If thine hand lead thee in error, cut it off.”

When one has set the ideal, and knows what the ideal represents, and then knows self measured by the ideal, one sees, is aware of that lacking or that overdone in self, and plucks it out, and beholds NOT the mote that is in his brother’s eye but considers rather the beam that is in his own eye.  ~ from Edgar Cayce reading 262-29


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