Words of Wisdom From Others: Oneness in the Shift

Oneness in the shiftoneness-earth

by:Mona Delfino

It has been quite an interesting time on the Earth recently with earthquakes, asteroids and meteors, weather havoc, solar flares, and now even the Pope resigning and lightning hitting the top of the Vatican. Most everyone I know is talking about it on some level and it’s pretty obvious now that “the wake up” calls have gotten front and center attention with the majority of humanity.

I want to express to everyone my heartfelt concern as we move into our 5th Dimensional world of Oneness. As with any birthing, it takes courage to keep your eyes open and follow your intuition through the emotional questioning, and to keep going when you are wondering if there will ever be stability again in our world, or in you.

So here is my read on the situation at hand during these enormous times we call “the tipping point.”

First of all, I feel these events have a purpose in not just waking us up, it’s much larger than that. It is change…pure and simple. Whether people think that these events are common, or that nature just throws punches in the weather sometimes, they can’t deny that events that take place on a continuous basis are not random. 18 earthquakes in 11 days over the size of 6, says we have movement and Shift within the Earth. The core of the Earth heats up as the Solar flares demonstrate their ability to launch what we see as a coronal mass ejection. Gamma ray bursts… are they random? I think not. Some scientists feel that the solar flares are what is causing the quakes on the planet, and that is true. However, there is another viewpoint in my mind that we need to also watch.

As this Shift happens in the atmosphere, it is also happening inside of each and every soul. The daily mood swings have increased in people and the questioning of direction is a big flare in itself right now. One client said she was witnessing her friends all having enormous ups and downs. (just like the needles of a machine that measures our magnetosphere and the stability of our planet) With as much emotional outburst of internal earthquake activity occurring inside each of us, there is also a new beginning of power, or “empowerment.” What can this mean on the big seismic scale of human independence??

What it tells me is that we are in charge of ourselves as we let go of the past, the belief patterns we have carried… and are realizing we made it all up. We were in survival mode, even as children, because we needed to know how to create a way of living as early as the age of six in order to live peacefully with parents and neighborhood friends that may or may not accept who we were. So we created ourselves in order to adapt to our own understanding of how to live here. Now all of that is being challenged in relationships, in our work, our mental thinking, and being true right down “to the core.”

If we now understand that we came here to be who we are and discover what we are here to offer, not to live our lives for the sake of survival anymore, we will then take our stand and unite as a whole and change the human race as we know it.

This is the intent, I feel, that this great and powerful essence of life is asking each and every one of us to admit to, learn about, and act upon. So many people are quitting their jobs, not just because of the economy, but because of their hearts not feeling satisfied. In the movie “Michael”, John Travolta played the role of Archangel Michael very well. In one part of the movie, a newspaper reporter is explaining to Michael about his troubles at the office and with the boss. Michael’s immediate response is..”QUIT.” I love that. What it means is why waste your time in a place that doesn’t have teamwork, that doesn’t provide purpose from your heart, or help you be the leader you were born to be? Everyone owns that right to be.

On Facebook the other day, there was a shared post that said;

“The world is crying out for grounded mystics and earthly new mythmakers right now. We have mostly emptied our basket of the old, but yearn for real magic to guide us into a different paradigm.” Jacob Nordby~

So as to support this post, I am as others are, reading, feeling, knowing, and acting on being the leaders we were meant to be and fulfill what our hearts are asking of the real “us”. For true satisfaction is in being engaged in this Oneness of the Shift. As above, so below. As within, so without.

Today is a new day. Tomorrow is a new world. May your wildest dreams come true as you rise to the occasion, then we will have accomplished fulfillment in the true essence of living on this incredible planet that asks for our sisterhood to be born once again.

“All you need is love” as the main ingredient.

Here’s to the Shift, the recognition of all that is right within you, and may our Sun rise to a new occasion every day in the heart of man.~

From my heart to yours, Mona~

This came from: http://www.sacredreconnections.com/

Image from: loveandlightportal


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