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“The fact that the Body and the Mind remain with the Soul is evidenced in the testimony (and those testimonies now number in the thousands) of people who have had what are called ND…E’s, or Near Death Experiences.

These people often report that their Mind was fully aware of everything that was going on when they “crossed over” to the “other side.” In some cases they even tell of experiencing themselves in their own Body, in its highest state of good health. But the Body isn’t “heavy,” as a snowflake falling to earth. It is light as vapor, as a snowflake not yet crystalized.

Many also report seeing and being greeted by loved ones who have “gone before”—and that these loved ones, too, appeared in their own bodies at the height of their health, each body as light as vapor.

What is being said here is that all expressions of physical life have the ability to transmogrify, and all life on earth does so.

Impossible! you say . . . but is it?

“It’s no use,” cried Alice, “one can’t believe impossible things!”
“I dare say, you haven’t had enough practice,” replied the White Queen.
“I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed
six impossible things before breakfast.”
Through the Looking-Glass (Chapter 5)
Lewis Carroll
~Neale Donald Walsch


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