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In 1887, a wealthy Jewish Journalist, named Nicolas Notovitch, traveled to India to study its people and their customs. His travels took him to a Buddhist monastery in the province of Ladakh, which still stands today. During his stay, he was told by a chief Tibetan lama that, in the monastery’s archives, there exist copies of very ancient scrolls relating to the life of Jesus Christ.

The original scrolls were written by Buddhists, in the language of Pali. Around 200 AD, they were transferred to the city of Lhassa, which is now the residence of the Dalai-Lama. Copies were then translated into the Thibetan language and stored in Ladakh. It was with the assistance of a Thibetan interpreter that Nicolas Notovitch was able to translate them into English.

His translations include the following words of Jesus as…

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