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tree-of-abundance-carol-cavalarisThe Law of Abundance:

God is love.  You are part of God.  You are love.  God has unlimited love for you.  If you open your heart you will have an abundance of love.  Only you can stop this flow of abundance to you.  If you do not feel worthy to receive abundance you will create a barrier to stop the flow of abundance to you.
If you feel worthy then this abundance will flow to you.  In your worthiness you will want to share your flow of abundance with others.
If you want to have something in abundance – give it in abundance.  you want to have love give love.  If you want to have a friend, be a friend.
Sharing what you have, your knowledge, your wisdom with others allows your abundance to flow to others and their abundance then flows to others and so on.  You are enriched by giving your abundance to others and this allows you to receive even more abundance from the Source of all abundance – God expressing unlimited love for you.

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