Words of Wisdom From Others: Joseph Rael


josephrael-150x150Seeds of Awareness

“You know that we live in a reflective universe. A reflection to me means thinking.

We come from this universal intelligence that has many, many worlds in it. And that intelligence means sound. Any language that you have, think about just talking about that language, and you will begin to get insights of how your tradition, your family, your roots are connected to these ancient mysteries that were prevalent more in ancient times than they are apparently now in this world.

Because then your mind is going to start to move and one day perhaps you’ll be the one that will set the lines straight for future generations. Because they are waiting for you, waiting for us to bring them that knowledge and knowing, because at some point they are going to say, “life is not enough! Why am I not fulfilled?”

We have to give up believing that we exist in the way that we think we exist.

And when you can believe that you exist and that it’s OK to exist this way, know that there is something else more – and maybe that something else more will give you a higher quality of life than you are experiencing right now.

This just means that awareness has not arrived yet. And we only arrive when awareness appears, and it only appears when it needs to appear, apparently in the moment.

See, because the future and the past is like a circle around us. The past is over here, and the future is over here. And in this reality, we think that the future is in the future, and the past is in the past. But actually they are happening right here in the center of the point of light.

That’s the only thing that exists, the point of light, just you.

You are the point of light. And all the rest of us, we are part of you, but you are the point for you. So that’s the only time you exist. You exist because in your existence all of these people became part of your repertoire, but that’s why we should get along with each other and we should be generous with each other and not be so territorial, or not be so this and that, you know.

If you know that you are everyone else around you, what are you going to do? What can you do? The only thing you can do is enjoy total strangers because you made them. [laughing] Yeah, they may look a little funny, but, what the heck, that’s you – like me, I’m just a person.

And out of that will come love. You know – love – and love, then you share it.

You walk it, and don’t be afraid to get hurt – and forgiveness and tolerance, have tolerance. And we have to forgive. When we forgive, then we become whole and we become real.

And only then can we have the sustenance that the soul wants to drink.

Because all the soul wants is to drink light, and we have to allow that to happen to us by forgiving those who have hurt us, and in doing so you have to forgive yourself because you are part of it. You are a part of that pain. I know it’s hard to forgive, but you have to do it. You have to do it and we all have to do it.”

Joseph Rael – Beautiful Painted Arrow


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