Holistic Corner/Music From The Heavens: Blue Christmas, why I am crying over Paul Walker?


I was just coming home from seeing the Hunger Games with my family when I heard the news about Paul Walkers death from a friend. I was shocked. I am still shocked. In all of my learning about death, it really is never that easy to digest, especially on an emotional level for the friends and family of those who have ended their journey with us here on the earth.

When I woke up that morning with a song running in my head called “Blue Christmas” by Elvis Presley. I thought, “that’s a little strange,” but later I understood why I heard it from the heavens. That same day Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas ended their journeys here together.  I think that is called a soul contract.

I really didn’t have any emotion come up until three or four days later. I followed a little of the press, ignoring some of the crap and tried to weed out some of the great stories emerging about him and his life. I, myself, have a story about him that only those closest to me know.

I happened to meet Mr. Walker by chance or now I would definitely call it destiny or fate. I had just come out of a spiritual ceremony in 2011 and I write about the experience here : https://enlightenmysenses.wordpress.com/2011/11/14/darth-vader-the-movie-star/
I never named him in the article. I never felt like I needed to say it to everyone because I felt that he was being used as a tool from spirit to help me out on my path.

As the years went by, I became a follower of his charity Reach Out Worldwide and of his friend Jesse, who has a community of his own on Facebook. I am a contract inspector for FEMA and a disaster responder myself so I really love supporting what ROWW stood for and tried to help out as much as I could.

Shortly after I met Paul, ROWW ran a contest that you had a chance to win a hat that was autographed by him in support of donating. I had sent some trauma flower essences to go with kits that a private donor was putting together.
I was in VA when I found out I had won the hat. I couldn’t believe it. I thought, “what the hell is this about?”
I had many of dreamtime help from him, teaching me things about myself and sharing his knowledge on a whole another level and since I see and learn a lot in dreamtime, I thought it was cool but ok, let’s get on with the lesson already.
In VA, I was staying with my teacher and I said to her, ” I won this hat and I think I am going to give it back to them to re-donate to make some more money for ROWW.” She said, “DO NOT give that hat up, that hat is for YOU and your lessons, you hold onto it for a while.”
I met the gal on my way home to pick up the hat, which is Black and White. The crazy thing was, the sun was shining all the way to get there but when I got to the place to pick it up, it started POURING rain, I mean really a lot of water. It was crazy. It probably lasted fifteen minutes and then it stopped and slowly the clouds gave way. It was the exact moment I received the hat.
Water is about emotion. The emotional body. I was writing my book around the time I received the hat which is all about healing your heart.
Fast forward a while, I am still having dreams and still having lessons from the hat which I write about here: https://enlightenmysenses.wordpress.com/2012/09/28/black-and-white-and-mouse-all-over/

One of the lessons especially was the paradox lesson. Life and Death and Black and White which what I learned I wrote in my book. So I think what I am trying to say is I am grateful on every level for all of the help.
Why I am crying over Paul Walker?  Because on a soul/spiritual level he helped me to learn about myself and life. I am grateful for the teachings that he gave, even when he was not aware that he had done anything. He was just being himself. You never know what you are teaching others, who is watching you. You are the light and he definitely showed it.
As I read what others write, it seems to me that we will have a space here that is hard to fill but if we take a little of his love that he showed the world and apply that to ourselves and then to others, he will not be forgotten any time soon. You see we all have that light in us, that love that endures.

~”What is real can never be taken from you”~

We come for our soul’s purpose and we leave when our purpose is done. It may not look that way with our human eyes, but with our spiritual ones, this is divine timing and there are no accidents in the universe.
He was not his body, he was and is what he was inside, which was the light and that was apparent to everyone that he came in contact with, including myself and even to those that didn’t know him personally.

So I have my Kleenex, and I am not ashamed of my tears because I know on the other side of that black is white….xoxo


6 thoughts on “Holistic Corner/Music From The Heavens: Blue Christmas, why I am crying over Paul Walker?

  1. Simply Beautiful…
    Thank you for sharing…yes they will be missed….
    Take care…You Matter…

  2. Beautifully written and inspiring. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Paul’s passing. I’ve been a fan for many years and to this day it breaks my heart to know that he’s gone. He’s a beautiful soul inside and out and deeply missed by many. I can relate with you regarding the fact that we may not have known him personally but the impact of his passing made it feel as if we have lost someone very close to us. I believe this is because we can feel his sincerity as a person. You can sense that he’s a genuine person just by watching his interviews alone and now that he’s gone we’re hearing more stories about his good deeds from random people. He was a great person and we can all learn from him. ❤

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