Words of Wisdom From Others: Paul Solomon~The Prospering Power of Love

untitledThe Prospering Power of Love


The first thirty-three years of my consisted of a series of incredible adventures experienced in dozens of cities around the world — working in virtually every possible occupation.  As you might imagine, as a “jack-of-al-trades and master of none,” I was not totally successful in any of the various jobs I tried. Yet, during those years I recognized an important phenomenon. There was a direct correlation between my level of success or failure and whether or not I was in love at the time.

When I was in love and had someone whom I could impress, –invariable– I was successful. Yet, when the love affair ended, so did my success. In fact, it never occurred to me to be successful for myself along, until I had a spontaneous mystical experience that changed my life.

As a result, I learned to love myself and others in a way that was not possessive. In the past, love had seemed to me a nice thought or idea that people seemed to want to share and speak about. Suddenly, it was unlimited power. I began to realize that I could use love to learn about the needs, as well as the thoughts of others. If I wanted to know another person, all I had to do was care more about what they were thinking than what I was thinking. Then, as my consciousness focused on the other person, I would begin to experience their thoughts and feelings. Yet, if the thought “Hey, I’m reading his mind” every occurred, then my consciousness would return to self, and our communication would stop immediately. In fact, this is why the validity of some psychic may vacillate. As soon as they stop to think, “Hey, I really hit on that one,” their consciousness returns to self. And while you are thinking of self, you are not psychic or telepathic — you cannot communicate with the minds of others.

So, what is the medium of exchange of thoughts? Simple put, it is love. Love is what makes telepathy work, as well as healing. For example, if a part of your body is injured or ill, and you are in love with yourself and life, you will heal very quickly. In fact, the medium of exchange of healing energy is love, or God. God and love are one and the same. The power that heals the human body is the presence of God within your body. If you love your body, then you “God” your body so that God lives within your loved body and produces healing.

To take this one step further, love – for yourself, for God, for your fellow man – is what allows us to experience prosperity. What does prosperity have to do with love? The energy that we call love, that allows thought to be communicated from one mind to another, is, in fact, the energy of God. It is this presence that allows it to happen – the expansive force that allows things to flow. When you begin to love yourself, you remember that you actually deserve to be happy and prosperous, because prosperity is simply having your needs met. It is not having a certain amount of money. People who have large amounts of money are very often the least prosperous individuals. They become slaves to their money and do not have what they need. 

Prosperity is – in actuality – an experience. Being prosperous, being wealthy, is simply living as if your father were the wealthiest father in the universe. If he is, then why not live as if it were true?
Being prosperous is simply being a child of God. If that child is not getting his share, he or she is finding an excuse to be unhappy. if you want an excuse to the unhappy, there are plenty. In fact, you can always experience a lack, if you desire it. But only if  the desire lives. How many poor people do you know take pride in saying “I’m a poor person?” Unfortunately, for some, it is a badge of honor; for others, it suggests a more spiritual life. But if you were my child and I were very wealthy and extremely generous and you took pride in having nothing, you and I would most definitely have to have a heart-to-heart talk. And that is exactly the position that you have put your Father in if you brag about being poor. The truth is there is a loving Source of all that you have need of. All you have to do is give this Presence an excuse to shower abundance on you.
Simply start by letting Him make you prosperous. The money will follow — after you become prosperous. That is something else it took me a while to learn. You begin by feeling prosperous and living in God’s prosperity. The next step is to do exactly what you know you need to be doing — whether you have the money or not. Because the money is there.
And if you wait for the money to come so that you can do it, God is going to have to find somebody else for the job. If you are where you ought to be, doing what you ought to be doing, prosperity is there whether you are experiencing it or not. And if you are not experiencing it, it is because you choose not to.

Let me take this one step further. Many people are habitually unhappy. In fact, they have to have an excuse to be happy. Yet, even if you took one of these people and gave them the finest conditions of life, they would still find a reason for unhappiness. Conversely, if you take a habitually happy person and put him in a very challenging situation, he will think “Why should I be in such a miserable conditions and unhappy too?’ Then, he will go ahead and be prosperous.
The power is love — love of self, love of life. If you love life, then you love expressing God. So it is life in you that heals your body. It is God in you that heals your body. God – life- love- the terms are synonymous. Love life, love God, love yourself.
You are a beautiful creation of God, fashioned with infinite care because He loves you so much. You are the apple of His eye, His divine lover. Can you think of yourself this way? Can you love yourself this way? if so, you can allow yourself to be prosperous. And in so doing, you can allow others to be prosperous because their prosperity is your prosperity. Allow the feeling of success to well up in you. This is love. Their happiness becomes your happiness. You prosper together.



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