Diamonds in the Ruff: High Desert Farmers Market

photobar2I have decided to start a little side note from the norm on here. I have been kicking around this column for a long while and I am starting it up and running today. Merging the physical and the spiritual so to speak. Being spiritual is not always about being serious all the time, it is about enjoying life and applying what you have learned out of your head and into your environment. One such thing is to be creative. I have always been able to pick out things that were awesome and beautiful, I look at it as kind of a gift. Enlighten My Senses is about all of the senses, not just the spiritual ones. That has been the focus so far but I am feeling the need to stretch my wings a bit. I will be posting more as I go along and some things I have been sitting on that need to be published…..

As I travel all over the country I am privileged to have found some awesome places, people and things. I thought that I needed to share some of those with the readers. I call them Diamonds in the Ruff. Not normal places or things that you might see when traveling unless you have spent time and gotten to know where some of the local stuff is and where things are unique.

Right now I am in California in the High Desert. One such great place is the local Farmers Market on Bear Valley Road on Thursdays of each week from 8-12. Local flare, awesome fruits and vegetables, organic items, nick knacks and unique items are all to be had at this great place. Most of the people there are locals, trying to support their families which I love. All the states mostly have Farmers Markets, but coming from Nebraska where there was not one in our area, it has been quite a treat for me to go every week to this place with my sister in law Diane.

Banner at the top came from their website at :

There are four products so far that I think are worth the mention if you ever get a chance to be in the High Desert on a Thursday.

20150305_1229281. Mom’s Specialty Foods- This is the BEST hummus I have ever eaten and I am not a hummus fan but I am telling you, it is great. They have several flavors, and also other items, homemade pita breads and chips, garlic spreads and more. My favorite of the hummus is hands down the Garlic and Chives flavor…I can eat an entire container at one sitting if I am not careful. The have avocado and jalapeno, habanero, avocado cilantro and many others. These are some of my favs. They sell for 3 for 10 or individually 4 each.

They are here in California at other markets and they have no web page only a FB one. Here’s the link:

20150305_1228412. Gerbear’s Jamz- This is a local lady named Geri Irwin. Best Jam in San Bernardino county, she has on her sign. She makes regular and agave sweetened and let me tell you, the agave is wonderful. Strawberry and Blackberry are divine. 7 each. She has no web page that I could find but her contact info is –

Geri Irwin Apple Valley, CA 760-242-1481

20150305_1229503. Artisan Farmstead Goat Cheese “Where every goat has a name”- Soft cheeses and some hard cheeses. I tried the semi hard asiago and parmesan, the soft chees~ Apricot and Honey Chevre and Herbs De Provence Chevre…YUM….Great spread for melba toast and veggies. On their web site, you can order them as well as other products, including Mozzarella. 6 each and the hard cheese is priced individual.

Here’s the web page:

20150305_1229034. Real Country Meat- Locally owed  Apple Valley California, Grass Fed Organic family company, nothing but the beef! The ground beef is wonderful and so is the sweet or hot Italian sausages.  Prices vary.

Their web site is here:


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