Holistic Corner: Frozen

NC3The picture above was taken after a ice storm in North Carolina and it got me to thinking about trauma and how it affects every area of your life. I was discussing this with my teacher and she commented that, “In winter, everything freezes and in the spring, it thaws. What is frozen in you that needs to be unthawed and healed?”
In other words, what emotion or trauma is stuck.
A lot of people have some form of PTSD or trauma that is “frozen” running around in the nervous system.
There are four responses to trauma:
Fight – Anger
Flight – Run
Freeze – Like a deer in a headlight
Fawn – You become co-dependent
This is four of the many ways that the mind tries to cope with the said Trauma. The one that really struck me was the frozen one. It causes you to go over and over things again and again. Like a gerbil.
How many people do you know that are “frozen” somewhere in their life.
Trauma is fear running amok and it is and can be overwhelming. You might need to get professional counseling to de-thaw the traumatic event. To move past something, it has to be fully felt and experienced in the now. This is not always easy, especially when it is a pattern that has been safety for you in your lifetime. The mind tries to prevent such a thing from every happening again and to me it kind of creates a jail.
So every time that same feeling or thought gets triggered, you respond with a shield of protection. It really is about protection. You are trying to protect yourself from it EVER happening again but it is the feeling that you are really protecting yourself from.
Your body can react with fear and anxiety when it gets triggered, then your coping mechanism comes up and you do one of the four things not to deal with it.
Now compound that times ten and all the years you have been trying not to deal with that pain…it’s a long damn time. A ton of life energy is spent trying to hold that back.
All your body is trying to do is heal, your mind feels like it is facing death and runs fast.
I guarantee that this protection is not serving you well and hindering you for your best life. Look inside yourself to where you are frozen.
Don’t allow yourself to become stuck because of trauma, there are so many people out there skilled in helping others.
Don’t let your pride, arrogance or thinking, “Oh I can handle it on my own” prevent you from expressing it safely and not taking it out on loved ones or someone you just met.
Families and lives are destroyed because of secrets, don’t let yourself be one of them.
Have the courage and love yourself enough to deal with your own shadows.
I look forward to my own “unthaw” in spring……..xoxo

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