Music From the Heavens: Baby I’m a Star


I woke up last Monday with Kentucky Rain by Elvis in my mind, Music from the Heavens is always a message but Elvis songs, seems to be someone important is crossing over. Can’t quite figure out what the correlation with Elvis is yet, other than that it’s celebrities. One time I got a song in the morning and someone famous crossed over in the afternoon. It always seems to be a “head’s up” for me and this time was no different.

Prince Rogers Nelson passed over on Thursday.

Sometimes I wish I could draw, I mean really draw, because the things that I see on the other side in the spirit world are so fantastic that the colors and the images would be gorgeous to behold in art.

Since I am one who can walk both worlds, when a soul crosses over, I am sometimes able to see a glimpse of that. Some I connect to more than others, they might have come in dream, way before they passed in order to work on issues and soul agreements that they had coming into this life.

I had never seen the artist known as Prince in dreamtime, but along with his passing , I thought I would try and connect to see if spirit had anything for me to be allowed to see.

It did.

When a soul crosses over, they can be seen easily for a time in your inside vision, by this I mean your third eye. If emotions and mental thoughts are involved it is much harder to “see”, this is why you will hear people say, ” I saw so and so in dream.” because in dreamtime the physical is sleeping and not as many layers, mental and emotional blocks, for spirit to come through and be seen. You are more open to learning and lessons.

I have had a zillion experiences in this way, they are more vivid when they first cross over and then as our earth time goes on and they ascend up, they get less visual and become the light beings that we all return to.

Prince and his music has been a part of my life growing up, in my teens. When I asked to see his soul, immediately he came. He was SO happy, he was huge also, at first I just saw his face, then I saw him shrink down so I could see him better. It was like he was flying.


He didn’t speak words, but telepathically and motions. He first motioned with his finger, the closest thing I can think of to describe is “come hither.” We were then transported to a galaxy, that was so beautiful. Tons and tons of stars and he was hanging right in the middle of them transparent. As the vision dimmed and was cut off, “Baby I’m a star” started playing in my mind and he was gone.

This reminded me of the quote from Carl Sagan.

we are all made of stars

Prince brought a lot of talent, wisdom and star stuff in his small, power packed human form. Now he is huge in his star stuff form. We were lucky to have had him in that small form for as long as we did and now, “Baby I’m a star.”……xoxo

PS. I usually post a video with the lyrics, but as we all know, no videos can be posted.and it didn’t seem right to post one from Tokyo…..: )

One, two, three, four
Hey, look me over
Tell me do you like what you see?
Hey, I ain’t got no money
But honey I’m rich on personality
Hey, check it all out
Baby I know what it’s all about
Before the night is through
You will see my point of view
Even if I have too scream and shout

Baby I’m a (star)
Might not know it now
Baby but I are, I’m a (star)
I don’t want to stop, ’til I reach the top
Sing it (We are all a star!)

Hey, take a listen
Tell me do you like what you hear?
If it don’t turn you on
Just say the word and I’m gone
But honey I know, ain’t nothing
Wrong with your ears
Hey, check it all out
Better look now or it just might be too late (just might be too late)
My lucks gonna change tonight
There’s gotta be a better life
Take a picture sweetie
I ain’t got time 2 waste

Baby I’m a (star)
Might not know it now
Baby but I are, I’m a (star)
I don’t want to stop, ’til I reach the top
Sing it (We are all a star!)

Everybody say, nothing come 2 easy
But when you got it baby, nothing come 2 hard
You’ll see what I’m all about (see what I’m all about)
If I gotta scream and shout (if I gotta scream and shout)
Baby baby (baby) baby (baby) baby (baby)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah (star)

Might not know it now
Baby but I are, I’m a (star)
I don’t want to stop, ’til I reach the top
Sing it! (star)

Baby baby baby
Oh baby I’m a (star)
Baby baby baby
(We are all a star)

We are all a star

We are all a star

Baby, baby, baby, baby,
Baby, baby, baby, baby
We are all a star


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