About EMS

~I came up with the concept of “Enlighten My Senses” 20 years ago, but I was not sure exactly what I was going to do with it. I loved the name, to “Enlighten” something ment “to give someone greater knowledge about a subject or a situation”(Wikipedia) and over the years as I have worked to enlighten myself, this business was born.

The goal for EMS is to help you to help yourself and in turn as you enlighten your life, you will enlighten others, just by your presence in the world. You will share your knowledge, your learning, your experience with others. That is the goal, to affect the whole by just being yourself. But first you will have to see where you’re not so “bright”, where your light is dimmed, where your heart is hurt and protected and really understand about “knowing thyself”. That is the journey, a journey that only you can make, and what I hope, that this concept will be, as a support to you as you grow and walk on your own path.

My wish is to have this support you on all levels: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.My vision is to eventually have others join this concept, to share their “best”, to share what has worked for them, to help others on their path, there is no judgement on which road worked for you, it’s only how you arrive at your destination and are “One” with yourself. Everything that separates us, I hope that this will make us come together.

May the words light up your path when it is the darkest, may they guide you when you are getting off course, may they give you solace, when you feel that there is nothing left. May it “Enlighten Your Senses” and set your heart free~

Thank you for visiting~

Love Cintra


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