Categories on the blog

Thoughts for the day~

This category is for sayings, thoughts and inspiration that I feel should be shared, if you have a thought you would like to see here please email it to me. I try to post new thoughts a couple of times a week, this is for other authors and myself.

Music from heavens~

This category I started because I sometimes wake up in the morning with a song in my head and it usually has a message for me, so when I get them I share with my readers so that they too can be uplifted.

Words of wisdom from others~

This category is for article of interest that I feel pertain to spiritual growth or maybe what is happening energetically right now on earth, again if you have something that you think should be shared please email it to me.

Holistic Corner~

This category is my personal column that I write about things that have been in my life that has helped me spiritually or that I am guided to write about.

Wisdom From The Animals~

Animals speak to us always, helping us on our path, including dreamtime and physical, this catagory will help with the symbolism of some that cross your path to help understand the four legged and what they are trying to say.


This category is exactly what is sounds like, for everything else that doesn’t fit into one of the above.

Diamonds in the Ruff~

This category I wanted to start for products, places and things that I think are fantastic and worth you looking at or trying yourself. These are only things I have personally tried, places I have been or somewhere I have eaten. This might expand to a bigger part but for now I am doing it under one heading.

The point is to tantalize the senses, what do you see, hear, taste, smell and touch that makes you light up inside, makes you happy and brings you joy.

I would love imput from others on these things that you have tried, loved and felt inspired, please email me with the heading of which sense was used. I think a lot of great things get missed that could really be fantastic if people just knew about them.


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