Words of Wisdom From Others: In God I Trust

Thanks Jennifer! : )

An Uncommon Correspondence

Sometimes the answer is so obvious, it slaps you in the heart and cracks you open when you finally discover it.

The answers are always “hidden” in plain sight and are beautifully simple.  We (spirits having a human experience) are  the ones who make things complex. I am the master of making simple, complex.

For years, I have found pennies. Everywhere.  At the strangest of times.  In the most unusual places.  Weekly. Daily. Hourly .Everywhere. (The orginal penny story is the most unusual of all)  And not just pennies but quarters, nickels and dimes too.
I find them.  I smile.  I shake my head at the game playing of it all.

Having gone through a spiritual mid life dark night of the soul in recent months, I found myself searching once again for the meaning of the pennies.  Perhaps even, the meaning of it all. Life. Living. Who I am.  Who you are.

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